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:: Executive Coaching ::

We provide one on one coaching in order to:

Improve leadership skills,
Prepare middle and senior managers for promotion, and
Enhance people and performance management skills.

Birch Consulting Group also has experience in providing support on issues relating to succession planning, general leadership and developing criteria for promotion. We arecurrently providing executive coaching to CEOs, executives and senior managers across a range of companies and industries.

One of the sectors in which Birch Consulting Group has undertaken a considerable amount of coaching is with professional services firms. With her background, founder Cherry Birch understands the unique nature of professional firms, both from being a partner herself in an accountancy practice, having worked for 2 major management consultancies, in 3 countries, and through her current coaching assignments. This rare blend of experience makes her ideally placed to effectively coach senior personnel in professional firms. Geoff Wright has also worked with a number of law firms on numerous coaching assignments.

:: Career Coaching ::

In addition to facilitating workshops on Career Development, Birch Consulting Group offers personal career coaching support on a one on one basis.

Many of the assignments are aimed at enabling the participant to make career strategy decisions. Here are a number of examples:

Post merger - a disillusioned member of the Integration Team with a larger job and a narrower scope wanting to determine a career strategy for what to do next,
A British expatriate trying to evaluate whether to return home or take a local position,
A Singaporean struggling with cultural differences and career direction,
Managers reaching a crossroads in their career as to whether to specialise or take a general management career path, and
Individuals unsuccessful in applying for senior positions who have temporarily lost their career direction
Senior managers having experienced major family or personal challenges, wanting assistance in deciding on their future career direction.

From an organisational viewpoint, the career assistance is often driven by a desire for retention, of which there is no guarantee. However whatever the outcome and the decision by the participant, it will ensure that the organisation maintains the participant's good will. Providing this support is consistent with being an Employer of Choice. As one HR manager commented in briefing one assignment:
"If they leave, we want it to be for the right reasons."





The coaching relationship is one built on trust and confidentiality.









In addition to providing one on one career
coaching, BCG offers a workshop which develops managers as career coaches.
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