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A Key Program to facilitate Talent Management and Retention

This program provides tips, tools and techniques for managers to learn and practise in coaching and developing their staff. As a result of the workshop, managers will have more confidence in their ability to conduct effective career development discussions and answer any potentially tricky questions. More frequent and constructive career discussions should lead to a more motivational work environment, where employees feel more valued and can develop themselves in line with the organisation's strategy and goals.


To provide a model for understanding career planning and career coaching in order to enable participants to:

  • Create a workplace which attracts, engages and develops talent
  • Enhance their coaching skills through practice and review techniques
  • To use the models to plan a career conversation with team members or other individuals.


The first half day of the program examines Career Planning, and the managers have the opportunity to consider how the model applies to their own career management and plans. By experiencing this model for themselves, albeit briefly, they have a chance to experience what their coachees need to consider. The rest of the 2 days then focuses on how to coach their team members through this model.


Before examining the coaching model in detail, participants complete a self assessment of their own Career Coaching skill levels. The remainder of the program is then spent learning, exploring and practising each of the 5 elements of the Career Coaching Model (see below) that complement the planning process.


  Career Issues Coaching Behaviour In order to:
Self Assessment:
Understanding myself
Questioning and Listening Help individuals identify their skills, interests, values and achievements and determine career fit.
Self Awareness: Checking Others' Perceptions Facilitating Feedback Get individuals reflecting and give them appropriate, ongoing developmental feedback.
Looking Outwards:
What does the workplace look like?
Enhancing Organisational/ Industry Savvy Help individuals to raise their awareness of trends in their organisation, their industry and profession. and the related career implications
Looking Forward:
What are the various possibilities?
Facilitating Career Strategies Get individuals analysing and selecting multiple development options linked to business needs, e.g. job enrichment.
Career Plan:
How can I get there?
Gaining Commitment to Action Help individuals in drawing up career action plans that are SMART

The workshop is designed to leverage participants’ experience and challenges related to Career Coaching while introducing new concepts and skills, reinforcing existing coaching strengths and providing support for taking immediate action following completion of the workshop.

To gain most benefit, participants are asked to think of one of their current or past team members and this employee as then used as their “case study” on which to practise using the various career coaching skills in discussions or role plays with a partner – on a confidential basis. In this way, the 2 days are highly interactive and practical, introducing a number of new tools and techniques which are used on and after the workshop.

This course is equally relevant to those who are required to act as Careers Advisers.


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The workshop is designed to leverage participants’ experience and challenges while introducing new concepts and skills, reinforcing existing coaching strengths...

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