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Business Case

Everybody in an organisation needs to have a basic understanding of finance in order to appreciate the impact of their actions on profitability.

However, the jargon surrounding finance and its numeric base have deterred too many people from even attempting to come to terms with it. Add to this the traditionally boring image of finance training and it is not surprising that many still do not have a grasp of the necessary basics. This course breaks the mould.

Who Should Attend

Anyone and everyone who feels they lack financial understanding should attend this Program. It is particularly appropriate for those who have always believed that they have a mental block when it comes to finance.


The success of this workshop comes from the combination of fun and highly participative learning. Delegates begin by analysing and solving the personal finance problems of a fictitious character called Nick Nelson. They progress rapidly by applying the same simple processes to a company's financial statements. Later on, participants work as companies in teams of three, playing a competitive computerised board game whose objective is to maximise profitability.

The game generates great excitement but, more importantly, reinforces the key learning points in a very practical, relevant and realistic way.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Basic Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)
  • Key Ratios
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Basic Budgeting

Benefits to the Organisation and the Individual

Financial knowledge at an individual level is essential to successful business performance at corporate level. Financially aware employees not only make more informed decisions, they also make a positive contribution towards improving their company's profitability.

On an individual level, participants' career prospects and their confidence cannot fail to benefit from this course.

Participants' Comments

"You won't believe this, but I actually
enjoyed it!"

"I used to think finance was complicated and the exclusive preserve of accountants. The day dispelled my myth"

"The computer-based board game beats the hell out of Monopoly!"

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The computer-based board game beats the hell out of Monopoly!

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