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Whilst we can design and deliver totally customised programs to reflect the specific nature of your business and your specific needs, we also have tried and tested courses which cover generic subjects and use a highly colourful approach. Two of these are set out below:

Fundamentals Of Finance
FastTrack to Finance

Managers need to be engaged otherwise they will not learn. Our emphasis is to make learning about finance interesting, enjoyable and even fun! We use innovative training design techniques and materials to ensure that the learning experience is very interactive, introducing a competitive element to sustain interest, momentum and pace.

:: Fundamentals Of Finance ::

One example of a generic workshop is the 1 - 2 days Fundamentals Of Finance, designed to be both practical and FUN! The 2 day version allows more in depth analysis.

The target group for this course is everyone in the organisation. The course provides participants with a solid understanding of the basics of business finance. It explains how to interpret and use Profit and Loss Accounts/Income Statements, Balance Sheets and how these two are linked together, how to use key ratios and the importance of cash flow.

Participants are first introduced to personal finance, through analysing the financial situation of a fictitious character, Nick Nelson. Many of the participants can relate to Nick's problem of having no money left at the end of each month! They get to complete a budget for Nick to help him solve his problems.
In the next section, the similarities are drawn between an individual's financial statements and those of a business.
The participants then work in trios completing a number of transactions for the company which illustrates the relationship between each transaction, the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet as well as selected ratios. This session also clearly emphasises the importance of managing cash.
Later the trios manage a company in a competitive board game trying to maximise profitability. This session can get quite heated and typically participants are disappointed when time is up!
On the standard program, the final session looks at your own organisation's financial statements and the participants have a chance to analyse them using their new knowledge.

Additional subjects such as a more detailed session on reading financial reports, budgeting, capital project appraisal and costing techniques can be added to the program.

This interactive approach is particularly suitable for sales and marketing professionals and anyone who might previously have had a mental block when it comes to finance!

:: FastTrack to Finance ::

This half day program also uses the colourful graphics used in The Fundamentals of Finance, however the program does not go into as much depth.

It also starts with personal finance and participants work in pairs to analyse the financial problems faced by Andrew Tapson.
The transition is then made to business finance and covers the financial terminology which for so many people is a real barrier to understanding this topic.
For the rest of the session, the pairs manage a fictitious company by making decisions on a number of issues. Each decision is evidenced by scratching off “Scratchies” on the worksheet! For each transaction they note the impact on the company's liquidity, Profit and Balance Sheet.

This is a basic course to introduce financial concepts and terminology in a fun and interactive manner. It may be particularly suitable for teams leaders and supervisors.












Our approach will engage your managers and staff so that they are interested in learning more, understand the financial impact of their decisions, and improve the profitability of the organisation.
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