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Business Case

Sales professionals are vital to every business. They need to understand the financial impact of their decisions, the business which they win and be confident in the management of their budgets. By understanding financial statements they can better tailor solutions that can both assist their clients and increase their market share.

However, the traditionally boring image of finance training is totally opposed to the style of learning which would appeal to sales professionals and therefore presents a real barrier to their development and often their willingness to learn. We believe this course is the answer, since it is designed to be highly interactive, competitive and even fun!

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a sales role who wishes to build a closer relationship with their customers by understanding their key financial performance measures. The course starts from basics so no previous financial knowledge is required.


The success of this workshop comes from the combination of fun and highly participative learning. Delegates begin by analysing and solving the personal finance problems of a fictitious character called Nick Nelson. They progress rapidly by applying the same simple processes to a company's financial statements. Later, participants work in teams of three, playing a competitive computerised board game with the objective of maximising profitability.

The game generates great excitement but, more importantly, reinforces the key learning points in a very practical, relevant and realistic way.

The course also examines the key areas of working capital management, covering practical steps to improve cash flow through better control of stock levels and collecting money from customers.

Budgeting and an introduction to reading annual reports are also covered during the course of the two days.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Understanding personal finance
  • Linking personal and business finance
  • The 3 key financial statements
  • Basic Ratios
  • An introduction to reading annual reports and accounts
  • Understanding your customer's financial position through ratio analysis
  • Cash Flow Management
  • The importance of stock control
  • Minimising bad debts and improving cash collection
  • Budgeting

Benefits to the Organisation and the Individual

As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their customers' needs and be more focused on profitability.
  • Improve their communication with the finance and marketing functions
  • Have a clearer understanding of financial terminology and therefore have the confidence to ask more probing questions
  • Be more effective and focused in sales presentations

Participants' Comments

"I wish I had attended this course 10 years ago"

"For novices or experts alike, you will see all the financial elements interact in a new and meaningful ways"

" A complex area made simple - Interactive and fun couple of days"

"I never realised that finance issues could get the heart beating faster!"

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For novices or experts alike, you will see all the financial elements interact in a new and meaningful ways.

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