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All courses can be tailored to reflect the company's own terminology and various reporting formats. The emphasis is to make learning about finance interesting, enjoyable and even fun! Our approach will engage your managers and staff so that they are interested in learning more, understand the financial impact of their decisions, and improve the profitability of the organisation.

Birch Consulting Group has utilised a variety of different approaches and has designed and run finance courses for clients in the UK, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Australia. We can start with a clean sheet or customise our range of tried and tested workshops to meet your specific needs. Our Philosophy re finance training:

It is all about making the complex simple and demystifying the jargon so that participants actually understand the concepts and models
Finance is a dry subject therefore we do everything we can to make it interactive engaging, enjoyable and fun! (probably not what you would expect)
You need to understand the basics first. It is our experience that many quite senior managers, even executives, have not been given the opportunity to undertake any finance training, yet they may be responsible for sizeable budgets. Most courses which we run assume no previous knowledge - we start right from the very beginning!
Every company's financial management processes and terminology are slightly different. We have experience in designing financial training programs which are engaging and innovative from a clean sheet.
Adult learning means that participants have one chance to learn and that is when they are in the workshop. They do not have the time to study - so we ensure that the learning is experiential and fun and hopefully leaves participants wanting to learn more.



Birch Consulting Group holds the Australian rights to a suite of innovative products designed to create an interest in and understanding of the company's finances by all your employees.

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